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My experience at this shop was great!👍 👍 …

David Kawa Via Google Review


Wonderful place, attention to detail, honest opinions, it's the place to go.

Caroline Bruce Via Google Review


This place is great!

I was looking for a second opinion on my car, and this place delivered. They did an excellent job of diagnosing, fixing, and communicating throughout the process.

They were very thorough, efficient, kind, and a good price.

I will go far out of my way to go to this local shop; They've proven to deserve my loyalty for years to come.

Rob Meti (Rob) Via Google Review


I was very pleasantly surprised by these guys today, not only did they "take a look" at my car they offered to repair it in same day! I have been so conditioned to hear, let's schedule you 2 months from now, keep your car for a few days, oops wrong part, need your car more days... they just made my day/week!! Thank you and I will refer your company.

jennifer flood Via Google Review


Excellent service, honest, and they stand by their work. Brett is amazing, always goes out of his way to find the right solution, both economically and mechanically. And, they are really nice! Highly recommend them.

Raleigh Watson Via Google Review


I had a great experience here with Brett. He was professional, knowledgeable, and honest. I did not feel pressured to have anything fixed that didn't need to be and he was super helpful at explaining some of the things that will need to be fixed in the future.

Olivia D., Benicia, CA Via Yelp Testimonial


They fixed a weird and unique problem that’s driving me crazy and cost me a lot of money over the years. They found it, fixed it, and all for a very reasonable price. Great at communicating and explaining along the way too. 10/10 recommend.

Jarrod Ford Via Google Review


Brett and staff are the greatest to work with. They manage to make what is typically a stressful or negative experience truly a pleasure. They are incredibly knowledgeable here and make you feel like you’re being taken care of in very good hands. Always fast and great work done with a smile. So thankful I found this place so I never have to mess with a dealership again! Give them a try and you won’t regret it, they treat you like family here!

Danielle Buck Via Google Review


Super friendly and knowledgeable. All services are explained and im never over charged. I'm new in town and trust these guys with my vehicle, and know I'm getting fair value everytime. I'll be bringing my vehicle here for the foreseeable future.

Ryan Enright Via Google Review


Incredibly knowledgeable and trustworthy mechanics. Gave me the full engineering rundown of the work performed which is something I’ve never experienced with a shop before. Highly recommend this place

Austin Via Google Review


Alpha & Omega is a gem in the auto repair industry. Their honesty and commitment to not only top tier services at reasonable rates, but also to incomparable customer service and relations means that I highly recommend them, and commend them for the speed of the repairs done to my 2003 Honda Accord. As a skeptic to most in the automotive industry, and someone who usually takes matters into my own hands, I would gladly have the guys at Alpha & Omega work on any of my vehicles and trust their expertise and commitment to quality.

Nathaniel Sheppard Via Google Review


They are the best! I just bought a Volkswagen Golf and I took it to them for some much needed maintenance. They did an amazing job and they even shared some tips on driving a manual car with me. I will definitely be using their services in the future.

Camile Marie Via Google Review


I was traveling through the Boulder area and needed to have my Toyota Tacoma serviced. I was very pleased that they were able to squeeze me in because I was only able to give them very short notice that I needed the service. Brett was very helpful, very knowledgeable and very courteous. The price was very reasonable and I certainly appreciate all they've done. I would certainly recommend them to anyone that might need service.

Conrad J., CO, CO Via Yelp Testimonial

amazing service and great people! They definitely have a customer for life

Great little shop! Excellent work brought a 2004 trailblazer that had been sitting for a year and a half they got it up and running like a dream, amazing service and great people!! They definitely have a customer for life here!

Bobby Garcia Via Google Review

Very impressed with this shop!

Quick and easy to work with! Brett was able to take our Prius in without an appointment as our previous appointment ended up being on a day with bad snow on the roads so we didn't want to drive over with bald tires. They got the new tires on and wheels aligned in just a few hours. Very impressed with this shop!

Will Hageman Via Google Review

honest, helpful and efficient

My battery died when I was traveling out of state. The repair shop told me I needed a new transmission. I ignored this until I got back to Colorado and then brought my Buick Rendezvous into Alpha and Omega Motor Service. They not only fixed several other problems in a timely manner, but they also said my transmission would be fine for a long time to come. I appreciate how honest, helpful and efficient they have been and would highly recommend Alapha and Omega Motor Services!

Cindy Nelson Via Facebook Review

He went above and beyond my expectations.

Fantastic! Brett was honest, reliable and helped me in a very cost effective manner. He went above and beyond my expectations. I'm grateful.

Alena F., Alexandria, VA Via Yelp Testimonial

Will work with your budget and give you a timeline on future work

Brett is awesome here. Very transparent and patient with explaining and answering all my questions. Very price friendly as well, not pushy at all. Will work with your budget as well as prioritize and give you a timeline on future work.

Grace Cochran Via Google Review

These guys really care about people and cars

This is far and away the best auto shop I've ever been to. They are honest and never try to convince you to fix something before it's necessary. These guys really care about people and cars and it shows in their kindness, patience, and enthusiasm. Brett always takes the time to answer my questions and explains everything excellently. My girlfriend went in to get a couple things done on her car and now she says she'll never go anywhere else :)

Matthew Flasher Via Google Review

Everyone I worked with was friendly and easy to work with.

I needed a small repair done on my car after swapping my winter tires for my summer set. These guys got my car in with short notice (I was able to bring it in within a day or two of calling) and got the job done quickly. Everyone I worked with was friendly and easy to work with. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a local shop or a second opinion vs. dealer quotes.

Jay G., North Boulder, Boulder, CO Via Yelp Testimonial

this is the place to go.

If you are looking in the Boulder area for car repairs or maintenance, this is the place to go.

Mike Nelson Via Facebook Review

expertise to get it done right

Wow, is all I can say if your looking for a Mechanic, a Doctor, a Vet, a Florist, Handyman well check Mechanic off the list because this is the place, family owned and run business a true mom and pop shop, plus the honesty to tell you straight, and the expertise to get it done right.

Brett Evans Via Google Review

Bret and Eric put my 82 vanagon diesel back on the road

Bret and Eric put my 82 vanagon diesel back on the road. Trouble shot head problem, and she ran like a top. Thanks to the excellent guys at Alpha & Omega. Kevin

Kevin Alves Via Facebook Review

They're as good as it gets!

I've been a loyal customer since 1986, and have never ONCE been disappointed in the workmanship or price of any repair they've ever done on any of my vehicles.

Their rates are more than fair and the quality of service is just an added extra.

I cannot recommend Alpha Omega highly enough! They're as good as it gets!

John P., Boulder, CO Via Yelp Testimonial

I wouldn't take my car anywhere else!

Really, really appreciate this business and their service of honestly and good work. I wouldn't take my car anywhere else! For years I have been bringing my business to Alpha and Omega

Colleen Glenn-Wilson Via Google Review

They go the extra mile to make their customers happy

The guys at Alpha Omega (Dave, Dale & Cody) are seasoned pros! They go the extra mile to make their customers happy, and charges are very reasonable. I highly recommend them!

Delbert Montoya Via Facebook Review

provided great service and advice

This family owned shop has provided great service and advice to me for just about 10 years. They are servicing my BMW and my wife's Nissan Murano. They also serviced my Ford Explorer. They offer honest advice about what work is need and what work can wait and that integrity and the quality of their work is what keeps me coming back.

Jim C., Boulder, CO Via Yelp Testimonial

have consistently delivered great service and advice... for almost 10 years now

Great family owned business. They have consistently delivered great service and advice. I have been taking my Ford Explorer and my BMW to them for almost 10 years now.

Jim Crowder Via Google Review

I highly recommend!!

The gents at Alpha Omega are the only ones I've trusted with my cars for years! As a female, it's really hard to find a good mechanic that doesn't take advantage of your perceived lack of knowledge. Eric takes great care in making sure you're getting the right work done without uncharging or up-selling work that isn't needed. I highly recommend!!

Nikki Fazio Via Facebook Review

Simply a great auto repair shop

Simply a great auto repair shop. Trustworthy, friendly, helpful, and efficient. They take the time to share recommendations and explain repairs.

Matthew Price Via Google Review

always honest and fairly priced

These guys took care of my truck for years with the previous owner, and since I didn't have a mechanic I stuck with them. So glad I did. They know every nook and cranny of that truck! They remember previous servicing they performed on it and are always honest and fairly priced. Highly recommend these guys to anyone.

Stephanie Blaser Via Facebook Review

We always take my wife’s BMW here

We always take my wife’s BMW here, guys are great. Super friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to take the time to walk through everything with you. Highly recommend.

Rob Mc Via Facebook Review

receive an in depth knowledgeable inspection

I am happy to tell you about Alpha &Omega. A professional , precise ,fair place to go to . You will receive an in depth knowledgeable inspection, great tips and advises. Every appointment is respected and done in time. They understand you needs and are ready for emergencies . The work is precise and clean . You will be happy to ride your car safe ! Thank you !

daniela visoiu Via Google Review


Excellent and honest work done here. Purchased a Subaru Forester from a used dealer in Denver. The dealer botched some engine repairs and totaled the engine. Was recommended Alpha & Omega, and this was the best recommendation I ever received. Bret (owner) took wonderful care of me, overhauled the car, installed a new engine, and guided me through getting the insurance of the dealer to pay for the repairs. Honest and skilled crew took care of the car and prepared it for a road trip to Texas. This was 2 years ago and the car is still running in top condition. I would absolutely recommend this shop. I drive from Denver to Boulder to see Bret and always happy I do.

Tristan Kubik Via Google Review


Love Alpha & Omega - we take my wife’s BMW in for all our repairs and maintenance. Whether it’s me or my wife, Brett and team are always super respectful, knowledgeable, and willing to take take as much time as needed to explain everything.

Rob McKay Via Google Review


The brothers at Alpha & Omega Independent are my Go-To guys for automobile maintenance. Brett behind the counter is a super guy. He and his wife have rescued a number of dogs. Eric runs the maintenance, he knows hi stuff. I've had my Toyota Camry and two Avalon's serviced at this shop. Very happy with quality of workmanship and prices.

Bob Gordon Via Google Review


On Nov. 29th, 2019, my Honda Accord EX started a severe shaking in the front end. I called this establishment up and made an appointment on the 4th of December 2019 to have it looked at. The mechanic said it was just a bad tire so I went ahead and replaced both tires which fixed the problem. If they had told me my whole front end was shot, I would have believed that. But they said it was just the tire. My point is, that this automotive repair shop is HONEST. They DO NOT try to rip you off. If i could give them 10 stars for their honesty and good workmanship I would!!! Highly recommend this establishment for any needed automotive repairs!!!

Kristopher Foreman Via Google Review


Brett is awesome. He was honesty, friendly, helpful and understanding. It is rare to find a mechanic who is honest and does good work. If you are in need of any automotive repairs in the Boulder area I would highly recommend Alpha & Omega.

Jennifer Andrade Via Google Review


Different kind of review here....

Met Eric while dirt biking today in the middle of nowhere here in Colorado. We talked cars for about 10 minutes, found out about his business and told him of the issues I'm currently having on my B8.5 S5. He had knowledgeable input and advice. Needless to say, I'm changing repair shops due to our conversation/interaction. He knows his stuff and is an honest guy shooting from the hip with experience with German cars. Look forward to seeing he and his shop this week. More excited to get my damn transmission diagnosis and repair. Pleasure meeting you Eric!

Brendon Kelly Via Google Review


Having recently joined the Mini Cooper family of owners, and knowing that these great little cars require some special TLC, I was apprehensive about finding the best shop in Boulder to work on this car. I was referred to this shop by a trusted friend, so my comfort level going in the door was fairly high, but my experience was over the top!

Brett and the Team at A&O have now significantly raised the bar on my future expectations for independent auto repair shops. Brett understood completely what I was hoping to accomplish, explained their process to me, and executed on my request as promised.

If you live anywhere close to this shop, and own a Mini Cooper, or any other Japanese or Euro car, you need to develop a relationship with this organization. You will not be disappointed!

Kent Hogan Via Google Review


I had to find a good shop to do a big job on my 2017 STI. Needed an engine replacement. Brett was professional and thorough and updated me every single step of the way. They are very professional and meticulous with their work. Absolutely the best quality of work I’ve seen. Eric was very informative and worked his tail off to get my car back on the road. I wouldn’t take my car anywhere else, these guys blow all the car shops around out of the water. Thank you Alpha and Omega Independent Auto for making this stressful issue a lot less stressful with your knowledge and professionalism!

Andrew Schafer Via Google Review


Super helpful and kind. Took all my questions and concerns on top of doing a stellar repair.

Brian Welch Via Google Review


I was so happy with the professionalism, response, and quality work that they did. 11/10 will return.

Alison Clark Thomas Via Google Review


Exceptional shop. Kind and down to earth customer service.

Binary DNA Via Google Review


This is a family owned shop which I wish I found 4 years ago.

  1. The alignment work here is the best for my BMW and the price is competitive. MOST shops here can't do a BMW alignment so beware, I wasted $$ for a subpar job for 4 years.
  2. You don't need to worry about being overcharged for work you don't need to do. They'll advice you the best they can on what's needed.
  3. Customer service is great. The owner is friendly and professional.
  4. Come by the shop if you need a local mechanic and talk to the owner. You'll see for yourself.

saijinkai Via Google Review


Quality work with integrity. I come here because you can trust the work being done, and trust the prices. Brett stands by his work, which is a rare experience now a days.

Bear Gordon Via Google Review


Outstanding service! They walked me through every step of the service and replaced the battery in my key fob free of charge.

Makayla Keydel Via Google Review


I have had my vehicles serviced there since 2012, and will not take them anywhere else! I live in Northern Colorado and will drive the distance to Boulder. It is hard to find honest shops with high quality work and fair prices and these guys are it! Cars are like people, when sick you go into the doctors office with a symptom and sometimes come out finding there was more wrong then you thought. Or the doctor treated you for one symptom and something else goes wrong! This shop will take care of you, diagnose all the problems they see at the time of the appointment to make you safe on the road!! Alpha & Omega will always have my business as long as I am driving! The Evans family are great people!!

Christina E., Fort Collins, CO Via Yelp Testimonila


We were on our way to Rocky Mountain National Park from Illinois. After passing through Boulder, the Check Engine light came on a few miles north of Boulder. We found Alpha & Omega online and went back to Boulder to their shop. Dave was in the office and took time to come out and pull the code off the car and explain what had happened, even though they were booked with work for the day. He cleared the code and told us how to handle the issue and that we could deal with it when we got home. We never had another problem on the trip. It was so reassuring to have our concerns relieved and not have to worry about the car the rest of our trip. We got home without incident. So grateful for Alpha & Omega and appreciate a business that you can trust. For all in the Boulder area, this is a great business. Give them a try and see for yourself.

John Mannaioni Via Google Review


Alpha Omega was great, these guys are extremely knowledgeable, great customer service.

I used these guys because they had a unique kind of oil I needed for my vehicle, literally nobody from Longmont to Castle Rock has the oil on hand. They also knew all about it.

These guys got my vehicle fixed up and out, fast and correct.

Sean Seaner Via Google Review


Alpha Omega has worked on all of my cars for the last 20 years - import and domestic. I highly recommend them! These guys are the most honest and skilled mechanics I've ever had the pleasure of working with.

Brett (who runs the front office) is so helpful, and always takes the time to explain all the work they are doing, and the costs ahead of time. Many times, faced with a tough repair decision on an older vehicle, Brett has talked me through the options, pointing out items that must be replaced right now and others that might be worth doing while they're in there, but don't HAVE to be done if I need to keep the costs down. He has helped me by recommending rebuilt parts when that was an appropriate choice, and even chased down a used part once on a small computer that would have been very expensive new and was okay to be replaced with a used one instead.

The willingness to make sure that I'm so well informed about my options is why I have come to trust them so thoroughly over the years.

Rich Farnham Via Google Review


Had a great experience here. Honest, explained everything that was entailed in the repairs to me in an easy to understand way, and performed the work cheaper than a multitude of other auto repair shops quoted me for. 10/10

Chase Owens Via Google Review


I recently moved to Colorado and my car had broken down and I needed someone to check out my car as soon as possible because I rely on my car so much for my job. Alpha & Omega were able to check my car very fast and although we later found out that the motor went out on the car, they were extremely reliable when I was in the process of getting my title for the car so that way I could take it to a junk yard. Brett was SO helpful throughout the entire process and I highly recommend Alpha & Omega.

Jessica Boecker Via Google Review


The Old Man was a good mechanic and businessman, but the brothers have taken this company to another level. Amazing service, integrity, and fair prices. They take care of my personal vehicle as well as our company vehicles. Highly recommended.

Todd Ulrich Via Google Review


It was my first time coming here and i have to say it was absolutely, hands down, the best experience at a auto shop i have ever had.

to be honest, i usually don't have good experiences with auto shops as a lot of them try to take advantage from the customer if they don't know what they are doing (usually me) and not only did he apply a coupon to the service and tell me other little things he noticed that I needed to keep an eye on and get fixed, but I asked him a question about my break light being out and he fix and replaces them with no charge added. BEST COSTUMER SERVICE EVER! 10/10! would and will recommend! thanks so much you guys rock!!

angelina bouchard Via Google Review


This is a no BS shop that has great prices and doesn’t add on things that don’t really need done. I’ve always been happy using Alpha Omega.

Keith Law Via Google Review


Well what can I say other than my most trusted mechanic facility around. I manage a collision center in Boulder, and Alpha Omega is the shop that will perform the mechanical work we can't. I also use Eric and Brett for my personal vehicles as I always know that are straight shooters that I can trust. Excellent service across the board. Hard to find these days which is sad to say, but a real pleasure when you find guys like this to work with.

Jeff Bogner Via Google Review


The nicest and most honest auto shop I've ever dealt with. Highly recommend.

Sabina Busby Via Google Review


Alpha & Omega Independent Car Repair consistently provides excellent service. I have often come in with no appointment and the Evans brothers have always resolved my car problems immediately and for any basic repairs will do so at no charge. They really know what they are doing and are consistently helpful, kind, knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend this excellent business!

Cynthia Nelson Via Google Review


This Boulder gem has served my family for decades. My Dad's friend built it, and his sons now run/own it. Off Pearl Parkway...

HART DAVID Via Google Review


I will never go to another auto place again! They are always so friendly and knowledgeable, and never try to fix more then you ask them to. They are quick at getting your car done and always do a great job. Thank you so much I appreciate all of you! If I could give you 10 stars I would, and I always tell my family and friends to come see you.

Nancy Steele Via Google Review


My experience with Alpha & Omega was excellent! I needed help with my headlights and they were professional, courteous, and VERY helpful! I would take my car to them again in a minute!

Sola DiDomenico Via Google Review


The only people that get to touch my truck.

Rick Madeson Via Google Review


I am the fleet manager at Timberline mechanical we have over 20 vehicles and have been taking them to alpha omega for over 10 years never had a problem they do a Great job every time.

Jeffrey O'Connell Via Google Review


Had an issue with a stripped lug nut and they replaced it for free. Transparent, honest, and quick.

Chris Carruth Via Google Review


Best repair shop in town. We don't trust our vehicles with anyone else.

Mike Raben Via Google Review


Reasonable, fast and competent. What more do you want from a car repair shop?

Mike Matzuk Via Google Review


Explained what needed to be done and did it for a fair price.

Robert Patterson Via Google Review


Awesome, thorough, great mechanics

Will Mooney Via Google Review


Best in the business. Honest, knowledgeable.

Michael Jones Via Google Review