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I am happy to tell you about Alpha &Omega. A professional , precise ,fair place to go to . You will receive an in depth knowledgeable inspection, great tips and advises. Every appointment is respected and done in time. They understand you needs and are ready for emergencies . The work is precise and clean . You will be happy to ride your car safe ! Thank you !

daniela visoiu Via Google Review

Quick and easy to work with! Brett was able to take our Prius in without an appointment as our previous appointment ended up being on a day with bad snow on the roads so we didn't want to drive over with bald tires. They got the new tires on and wheels aligned in just a few hours. Very impressed with this shop!

Will Hageman Via Google Review

Great little shop! Excellent work brought a 2004 trailblazer that had been sitting for a year and a half they got it up and running like a dream, amazing service and great people!! They definitely have a customer for life here!

Bobby Garcia Via Google Review

My battery died when I was traveling out of state. The repair shop told me I needed a new transmission. I ignored this until I got back to Colorado and then brought my Buick Rendezvous into Alpha and Omega Motor Service. They not only fixed several other problems in a timely manner, but they also said my transmission would be fine for a long time to come. I appreciate how honest, helpful and efficient they have been and would highly recommend Alapha and Omega Motor Services!

Cindy Nelson Via Facebook Review

Brett is awesome here. Very transparent and patient with explaining and answering all my questions. Very price friendly as well, not pushy at all. Will work with your budget as well as prioritize and give you a timeline on future work.

Grace Cochran Via Google Review

Fantastic! Brett was honest, reliable and helped me in a very cost effective manner. He went above and beyond my expectations. I'm grateful.

Alena F., Alexandria, VA Via Yelp Testimonial

This is far and away the best auto shop I've ever been to. They are honest and never try to convince you to fix something before it's necessary. These guys really care about people and cars and it shows in their kindness, patience, and enthusiasm. Brett always takes the time to answer my questions and explains everything excellently. My girlfriend went in to get a couple things done on her car and now she says she'll never go anywhere else :)

Matthew Flasher Via Google Review

I needed a small repair done on my car after swapping my winter tires for my summer set. These guys got my car in with short notice (I was able to bring it in within a day or two of calling) and got the job done quickly. Everyone I worked with was friendly and easy to work with. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a local shop or a second opinion vs. dealer quotes.

Jay G., North Boulder, Boulder, CO Via Yelp Testimonial

If you are looking in the Boulder area for car repairs or maintenance, this is the place to go.

Mike Nelson Via Facebook Review

Wow, is all I can say if your looking for a Mechanic, a Doctor, a Vet, a Florist, Handyman well check Mechanic off the list because this is the place, family owned and run business a true mom and pop shop, plus the honesty to tell you straight, and the expertise to get it done right.

Brett Evans Via Google Review

Bret and Eric put my 82 vanagon diesel back on the road. Trouble shot head problem, and she ran like a top. Thanks to the excellent guys at Alpha & Omega. Kevin

Kevin Alves Via Facebook Review

I've been a loyal customer since 1986, and have never ONCE been disappointed in the workmanship or price of any repair they've ever done on any of my vehicles.

Their rates are more than fair and the quality of service is just an added extra.

I cannot recommend Alpha Omega highly enough! They're as good as it gets!

John P., Boulder, CO Via Yelp Testimonial

Really, really appreciate this business and their service of honestly and good work. I wouldn't take my car anywhere else! For years I have been bringing my business to Alpha and Omega

Colleen Glenn-Wilson Via Google Review

The guys at Alpha Omega (Dave, Dale & Cody) are seasoned pros! They go the extra mile to make their customers happy, and charges are very reasonable. I highly recommend them!

Delbert Montoya Via Facebook Review

This family owned shop has provided great service and advice to me for just about 10 years. They are servicing my BMW and my wife's Nissan Murano. They also serviced my Ford Explorer. They offer honest advice about what work is need and what work can wait and that integrity and the quality of their work is what keeps me coming back.

Jim C., Boulder, CO Via Yelp Testimonial

Great family owned business. They have consistently delivered great service and advice. I have been taking my Ford Explorer and my BMW to them for almost 10 years now.

Jim Crowder Via Google Review

The gents at Alpha Omega are the only ones I've trusted with my cars for years! As a female, it's really hard to find a good mechanic that doesn't take advantage of your perceived lack of knowledge. Eric takes great care in making sure you're getting the right work done without uncharging or up-selling work that isn't needed. I highly recommend!!

Nikki Fazio Via Facebook Review

Simply a great auto repair shop. Trustworthy, friendly, helpful, and efficient. They take the time to share recommendations and explain repairs.

Matthew Price Via Google Review

These guys took care of my truck for years with the previous owner, and since I didn't have a mechanic I stuck with them. So glad I did. They know every nook and cranny of that truck! They remember previous servicing they performed on it and are always honest and fairly priced. Highly recommend these guys to anyone.

Stephanie Blaser Via Facebook Review

Great service and good friends. Thanks for fixing all my cars for years now especially the 1970 Newport that stops on a dime now thanks to you guys. Professional service from a trust worth family business for sure. Huge thumbs up to alpha omega. Happy Friday

Duane Chase Via Facebook Review

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